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M.M.C.C. believes in offering the best to God which includes sacrificial, spirit-filled infused worship and living a holy life that glorifies God. We believe in the foundation of the Holy Scriptures and seeking the reality of God’s Presence so that His glory and power would manifest in the earth.

With M.M.C.C.’s interactive app assess the dynamic life changing messages by our Founder and Leader, Bishop Solomon Smith. In addition, listen to informative, inspiring, and encouraging teaching by our ministerial team. The messages are focused on M.M.C.C.’s seven core values:

I.Biblical Marriage

II.Healing & Deliverance for the whole man

III.Multi-generational family blessings


V.Sacrificial Worship

VI.Living a Spirit-filled Life

VII.Uncommon unity with God & man

M.M.C.C.’s vision is to touch lives regionally and those that live across the globe. We believe in demonstrating true radical and supernatural worship with the evidence of the glory of God’s favor, glory and power resting upon its ever-increasing, effective, vibrant and authentic membership. Come join us!

Connect with us by downloading our app and on the web at:

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