First Lady Arlene Chandler-Smith


Being elevated to Bishop Solomon’s Smith side “for such a time as this”, First Lady, Minister Arlene Chandler-Smith brings two-fold power of prayer and grace to a new dimension.  Graced with beauty, passion and steadfast dedication to the Lord, Minister Arlene is a lover of God and His people.  As a wife, mother, and grandmother, spending time loving and caring for her family is top priority.


Blessed with a spirit of excellence, wisdom and keen spiritual discernment, Minister Arlene, is Bishop’s Smith welcome co-laborer in the Lord.  Minister Arlene assists Bishop Smith with organizational details of the ministry, works with administrators and church secretary and assists in marriage counseling.


Unbeknownst to Minister Arlene, God began preparing her for ministry the day she was born.  Born one wintry February morning, the ninth of ten children, Minister Arlene was blessed with a tender heart and an obedient spirit.


At the age of 14, Arlene joined Faith Tabernacle Church of Deliverance in Highland Park, Michigan led by Bishop Morris Thomas, Sr. and Co-Pastor Betty L. Thomas.  In May 1985, Minister Arlene was baptized by Bishop Bonner, Pastor of Solomon’s Temple in Detroit, Michigan.


In June of 1985, after visiting with her sister Diane, she relocated to Waukegan, Illinois.  After visiting several churches, in March of 1997, she decided to make Mount Moriah Christian Center her home.  It was evident that the hand of the Lord was on her life.


Minister Arlene was groomed for the Intercessory  Leadership at Mount Moriah Christian Center by Minister Queen Kynard.  After Minister Kynard relocated to Alabama, Minister Arlene was appointed over the Intercessory Ministry, a position she still holds today.  Minister Arlene served faithfully, teaching on Sundays in the Children’s Church Ministry as well as serving on The Hospitality, “Just Say Yes” and Valentine Social Committees.


In 2004, Minister Arlene received the call from the Lord to preach His Word.  Although working full time in corporate America, Minister Arlene proved faithful service and dedication to the Lord and ministry by attending services and Bible studies on Wednesdays.  Minister Arlene continued to serve where she saw the need and would offer assistance to help the deaconess with the baptism service.  After proving her ministry and faithfully serving in many positions at Mount Moriah, she was awarded her minister’s license.

Minister Arlene has a unique bubbly spirit of joy, laughter and love that draws even the most hardened soul.  A polished and elegant woman, Minister Arlene is full of grace and models modesty in a most excellent manner; she is the epitome of the virtuous woman.  She is the Director of Women’s Ministry at Mount Moriah Christian Center.  She is an active member of Signatures of Prolific Women, founded by Dr. Mildred C. Harris of God First Ministries.


First Lady, Minister Arlene has a special love for children, youth and the aged.  She is the resident teacher and leader of MMCC’s Nursing Home Ministry.  Biweekly she leads a team that ministers at the Terrace Nursing Home in Waukegan, IL.  She teaches the Word of God with power and clarity so all can easily understand the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Her passion and burden for the youth, especially young girls, is to be the Mordecai in their life.  Her desire is to raise up young Esther’s , who are willing to keep themselves pure for the King and intercede for the nation!


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